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MSP Categories

MSP Cybersecurity Award

Remote working has left many exposed to bad actors, regardless of the size of business. Across Europe the consequences of hacked vulnerabilities has become all too clear in recent months.

This category is open to any MSP that sells cybersecurity products and services.

The winning entry will demonstrate how their solutions and services expertise has been able to help customers safeguard their businesses despite the mounting security challenges during COVID-19.

Partners are advised to use facts and figures to support their entries.

Best MSP Technical Support Award

Successful entries to this category will outline why their technical support team are second to none in the market. The winner will be able to demonstrate a proven track record of delivering excellent technical support through their skilled and knowledgeable workforce. We want to know what accreditations your staff have in offering top-grade technical support to your customers, and how quickly they have been able to resolve customer issues over the last twelve months.

Best Employer to Work For

The boundaries between home and work lives have become blurred, and with home schooling being an additional job for many, this category is perhaps more valuable than ever.

We are looking to celebrate the MSPs that have stepped up to the plate. Has mental health been made a focus? If so, how? What additional support has been made available to employees who are having to add “teacher” to their daily list of responsibilities?

Next Generation MSP Innovation Award

This category is designed for MSPs that have demonstrated an ability to truly be innovative. How have you changed your services over the last twelve months to better serve customers, gain a competitive advantage or monopolise on a new trend that has emerged during the pandemic?

The winning MSP will be able to demonstrate success in embracing new or emerging technologies, or new customer consumption models such as cloud, as-a-service or subscription-based models.

Winning entries will be able to show how their company has evolved and shifted their business in order to keep pace and remain relevant in drastically changing times.

MSP of the Year

This category is open to any MSP. This award will be given to the best overall MSP in the European market. The most prestigious award of the night, the winning entry for MSP of the Year will provide plenty of relevant stats and testimonials supporting why your company is leading the pack in the managed services space. We look forward to putting this partner on a pedestal as an extraordinary example of success in the European managed services market.

Best MSP Cybersecurity Trainer

This category is open to all MSPs with a cybersecurity business. The award is designed for those MSPs that offer cybersecurity awareness training to their customers.

The successful entry will outline the scope of what their cybersecurity training covers, and provide solid evidence and figures about how it has helped secure their customers’ businesses, and perhaps win new business. Has this been the USP that has helped you win more business from concerned end users all too aware of the consequences of a “not if but when” breach?

Growth MSP of the Year

Are you a smaller MSP that has been able to drive lightning growth over the last twelve months? CPI is looking to make sure SMB partners are also celebrated in these awards.

We are looking for evidence of either revenue, headcount or geographic growth. That can be organically or via acquisitions.

The winning partner will provide solid stats and percentages outlining how their business has grown over the course of their last financial year.

Ambitions for future growth would also be welcomed.

Industry Specialist Award

This category is open to any MSP. This award is designed for managed service providers that have chosen to specialise in a specific customer vertical. That may healthcare, manufacturing, the financial or public sector, as examples.

Successful entries will be able to convey why they are specialists in their chosen vertical, and be able to demonstrate how they have tailored their offerings and services to cater for the specific needs of customers in those areas.

Best Sales Growth MSP of the Year

Sales continues to be the lifeblood of the channel. This category is an MSP’s opportunity to shout about successes over the last twelve months that have resulted in impressive growth figures.

Do you have an enviable sales record over the last year that shows how you as a MSP have capitalised on the right technology demands at the right time in EMEA? Have you landed impressive deals that have boosted your top line over the last twelve months?

Judges will be looking to celebrate an MSP that can provide specific examples of how its sales teams have delivered outstanding growth.

Vendor Categories

Best Backup/Continuity Offering

Several partners have told Channel Partner Insight over the past twelve months that backup and continuity is one of the most important technologies for their business.

In a crowded market with a plethora of vendors jostling for position, this award will be for an entry that can prove why its backup solution is the best for EMEA partners.

Please do use hard facts and figures to support your entry. External testimonials are recommended.

Best Vendor Security Offering

Remote working has left many exposed to bad actors, regardless of the size of business. Across EMEA markets, the consequences of hacked vulnerabilities has become all too clear in recent months.

This category is for vendors who can demonstrate that they have been able to help partners and customers safeguard their businesses despite the critical importance of safeguarding data and the mounting security challenges.

Entries must explain why their offering has been the best for partners, and use facts and figures to support them.

Best Innovative Project Award - Vendor

This award will recognise vendors that can demonstrate how a specific project delivered in the last year, which was a game changer. This category is open to any vendor that has completed an outstanding project or installation for a customer over the past 12 months.

Whether that’s creating bespoke services, or building an innovative new solution that really made an impact on that customer's business, use statistics and testimonials to demonstrate what you delivered during the most challenging of times.

Best Vendor for MSP Business Support

The relationship between vendors and MSPs has been tested over the last twelve months. The winner of this category will be able to demonstrate that they’ve stood with partners as a whole. What tangible assistance has been given to help partners continue to grow? How, as a vendor, have you been the best partner to MSPs to aid them in increasing their revenue, expand into new markets or technology opportunities, and overcome business challenges?

This could take the shape of offering dedicated account managers to their partners, being easy to work with, or working together and collaborating with your MSP partners on joint projects. We’re looking to praise a winning entry that can demonstrate a proven track record of raising the bar on support and collaboration with MSPs.

Best Partner Program

One of the most coveted of the vendor awards, this award looks to shine a spotlight on the vendor who has listened to partner feedback and created a program that is both rewarding to MSPs financially, and easy to interact with if support is needed. How has your partner program aided in partners being able to capitalise on the trend towards the adoption of managed services to drive recurring revenue?

Vendors must show how their managed services partner program has channel partners grow their business and adapt to market challenges, such as hybrid working, as an example. Successful entries will detail how the program works, how it incentivises partners and how the program has helped build traction for your managed services offering.

Best PSA/RMM Vendor Award

This category is open to all vendors with a Professional Services Automation or Remote Monitoring and Management business. A good PSA tool is integral to any MSP business, helping a partner keep track of their customer data and projects. And RMM software automation is the backbone of that work.

Successful vendor entries will prove why their offering is the best in the business, and use hard facts and figures to support their claims.